PHP WebSocket2 Library
PHP5 Library for browsing web
PHP WebSocket2 Library Documentation

This library allows to browse HTTP using PHP with no additional extensions like cURL. It consists of a single file (websock2.php), which you can add to your project to make all its classes available for use.


  • HTTP(S) serfing
  • File uploads (including very large files support)
  • Cookies
  • Automatic HTTP redirection
  • Automatic Referer
  • HTTP basic and digest authentication
  • HTTP/1.0 and 1.1, chunked content, gzipped/deflated content support
  • Proxy support:
    1. HTTP(S)
    2. SOCKS4
    3. SOCKS4a
    4. SOCKS5
  • Proxy authentication support
  • Proxy chaining support
  • Timeouts
  • Two sockets implementations with different features
  • Advanced features:
    1. Redirection interception
    2. Full control of reading host response
  • Great scalability and control

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